Luck Index 2019: Man City unlucky? Man United worse than sixth? Aguero robbed? Here’s what we found

Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang shared the Golden Boot with Liverpool’s Mohamad Salah and Sadio Mane, but did he deserve all of his 22 Premier League goals?

The Luck Index was kind to Man United but tough on Man City and relegated Fulham.

We’ve all watched and wondered. We’ve all felt hard done by. We’ve all cursed the sliver of fortune and happenstance that turns victory into defeat. That’s what prompted ESPN and the team led by Dr. Thomas Curran, at the London School of Economics, to compile the Luck Index, which returns for a second season.

The 2018 version found that luck had a profound effect on the top of the table. It gave Liverpool, the unluckiest side, an additional 12 points, which would have catapulted them from fourth…

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